Time For Investment In Celtic Teams Says Thair

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22 November 2017

Wales Rugby League chief executive, Chris Thair has aired is views on the future for his national team on the WRL website after a disappointing show at the RLWC2017.

His vision for the future international success (covered in full on the link below) involves:

1. Ensuring Super League clubs develop players form the Celtic nations so twenty SL-quality players are available for each of Wales, Scotland and Ireland.

"The answer to how we compete going forward is twofold; we must create a bigger pool of elite Welsh players and then ensure the best players from this pool are making themselves available for Wales. They are simple solutions, but reaching this point won’t be easy without resource and reform within the game."

"Could there be enough strategic and regulatory reform that ensured that Super League created 20 fulltime players for each of the Celtic nations in Wales, Ireland and Scotland over the next eight years? I am not advocating creating new clubs in these areas, just utilising the existing English clubs in a better fashion. To do this, we would require the willingness of the clubs, which represents a seismic shift."

2. That the Welsh qualified players are more likely to make themselves available by bringing in a mandatory post-international rest period of 4 weeks and improving player payments, perhaps through centralised shirt sponsorships.

"Many players have families and young children with whom they need downtime with. Professional sport is intense and resting in the off season is important

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