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One-Up, One-Down SL Announcement In Next Two Weeks Says Elstone

15 August 2018

The Guardian and other mainstream media have reported that Super League’s new chief executive, Robert Elstone believes a conventional one-up, one-down system will be in place next year instead of th...

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GB Lions To Tour Southern Hemisphere In 2019

31 July 2018

Among the items confirmed at the Rugby League International Federation (RLIF) board meeting in Singapore last week was the first GB and Irish Lions tour to the southern hemisphere since 2007. The Lion...

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NRL To Recommend Regular Kangaroo Tours Of GB From 2019

12 July 2018

The NRL is proposing a return of Kangaroo tours of Great Britain as part of a shakeup of the international Rugby League calendar over the next four years reports ARL chairman Pet...

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Uniform Deductions Take Falcons Below Minimum Wage

9 July 2018

A local government investigation has found that Newcastle Falcons and Durham Cricket Club – among other employers in the North East - had not paid all staff the living or minimum wage. The Chronicle...

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"Toxic" SRU Review Management Culture

18 June 2018

The management culture of the SRU has been questioned and a review initiated by the board after their former director of domestic rugby, Keith Russell won an unfair dismissal case against the governin...

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Move To Commercial Certainty Or Absurd Grab For Power? Super League Look To Scrap Super 8s

13 June 2018

Incoming Super League CEO, Robert Elstone has caused a storm in his opening press conference this week by announcing that the Super 8 format will not be carried forward for the 2019 season. A one-up, ...

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