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Saints On Tap

20 July 2011 by RR Editor

Robinsons Brewery of Stockport has just signed an exclusive five-year deal with St Helens. This deal will make them the official drinks supplier at their brand new 18,000-seater stadium which is set t...

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Kohn's Sizzling Career Move

14 July 2011 by Adrian Hill

Professional rugby is a short career, if you’re lucky it tends to be no more than 10 years at the highest level . So what to do when the body or mind says enough? Harlequins lock Ollie Kohn, who tur...

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The importance of Catering

1 March 2009 by Alistair Turner

Corporate hospitality is such a crucial part of any club’s business that it’s important to get it right. In the first of a new series ALISTAIR TURNER looks at the trends in food and drink   The a...

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Capitalising from the Six Nations

1 March 2009 by Lee Bailey

LEE BAILEY looks at how rugby union clubs can capitalise on the Six Nations to help swell their coffers   While your club and the club committee work very hard all year round at making rugby a succes...

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Event planning - raising bar profits

1 October 2008 by Lee Bailey

LEE BAILEY looks at the importance of planning a programme of events to maximise bar profits     Now that the new rugby union season is underway, I’m sure it’s been good to get some life back in...

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Food for thought

1 April 2008 by Martin Duckworth

MARTIN DUCKWORTH looks at the food and drink on offer at rugby grounds up and down the country   As those of us who travel to many different grounds during the course of a season know only too well, ...

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