Paysafe Payback

  • Paysafe Back Barbarians: Men, Women and Help For Heroes

    ... already featured on the Barbarians’ match shirts in the fixtures against an England XV in May and Ulster in June earlier this year. As part of this partnership, Paysafe are also celebrating their relationship with Help for Heroes under the banner of “Paysafe Payback”. Oscar Nieboer, CMO, Paysafe Group, said: “We are extremely excited to be partnering with the world-famous Barbarians and Help for Heroes. This gives us an opportunity to show our dedication and gratitude to injured service...

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  • Capitalising from the Six Nations

    LEE BAILEY looks at how rugby union clubs can capitalise on the Six Nations to help swell their coffers   While your club and the club committee work very hard all year round at making rugby a success, this is definitely the time of year that rugby union makes its way in to the wider public consciousness because of the Six Nations and the fact that it takes up prime time viewing on BBC 1. It is the one real time in the calendar where rugby hits the back pages of national newspapers. It has such...

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Commercial & Media Assistant, Esportif, Richmond, Surrey

Owned and managed by proven experts across the field of professional rugby, Esportif is a global talent management agency dedicated to rugby. The role available at Esportif is for an individual to assist the Commercial, Media and Player Management team in the day-to-day running of the London office.

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