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Saving the Vikings

1 February 2008

Widnes, one of the great names in rugby league, were on the verge of extinction three months ago. JOHN LAWLESS reports on their rescue by local businessman Steve O’Connor   BEWARE the enthusiast. T...

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Boom and Bust - Doncaster Rugby League

1 September 2007

Doncaster Rugby League Club has experienced more highs and lows in the past six months that most clubs do in a lifetime. GARETH WALKER reports   The term ‘rollercoaster season’ is probably an und...

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A knights tale

1 July 2007

Eight promotions in 15 years have brought the Doncaster Knights to the brink of the Premiership. DAVID LAWRENSON looks at how a club who began league rugby in Yorkshire 2 in 1987 have done it   John ...

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Fylde away

1 May 2007

GEOFF LIGHTFOOT reports on how one North-West club came back from the brink of bankruptcy by losing their stuffy image   Almost bankrupt a few seasons ago and considered by some to be a ‘stuffy’ ...

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Rovers Return

1 May 2007

After 13 years out of the top flight, Hull Kingston Rovers are back in the big time. But preparing for their first season in Super League has been tough. DAVID LAWRENSON reports   After gaining promo...

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Down but not out!

1 May 2007

The Oldham Bears were one of the founder members of Super League in 1996 but in the decade since, they have struggled to survive. GARETH WALKER looks at a club who have refused to die   When Oldham B...

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