Barrow On The Brink Of Crisis

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2 July 2018

After Whitehaven’s well-publicised money troubles and call for donations, their Cumbrian neighbours Barrow Raiders are the next to call on supporters far and wide to step forward to ensure their financial security.

A statement by chairman, David Sharpe on Barrow’s website has set out the club’s short-term history and the funding gap they currently face. Their solution: new directors on the board, loyal fans to each bring another paying adult with them to home games, the Barrow council to assist and for those Barrovians too far afield to attend games, they’ve set up a page on the "JustGiving" website.

Below the key parts of the statement:

“Last Wednesday evening Barrow Raiders came within hours of going out of existence. Together with the other four remaining directors - much too few for the club to prosper - I faced the prospect of the club being no longer able to pay its players and staff caused by a huge black hole in our finances. It was only due to a fantastic eleventh hour offer by one of our directors that the club is still in existence today and will hopefully finish the season which is ironically one of our best for some years.

“This was the third time in our recent history that the club has been close to closure. I want to help you understand the background and this bulletin is to explain the current position of the club and the recent

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