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Rugby Finance, Accounts and Funding.

This section focuses on the finances that drive rugby business. The governing bodies and top tier clubs in league and union in UK and Ireland generate collectively over £600 million in turnover each year.

We report and archive financial performance in rugby in more detail than any other media channel. We analyse and compare current rugby finance and related news against past reports, interview leading figures from rugby bodies and experts in tax, finance and accounting in sport.

Our aim is to present a clear financial and statistical breakdown of the rugby business – the revenue and the costs - where possible in monetary value. When clear financial information is not available, we’ll find indicators (season ticket sales, average attendance, sponsorship deals, TV rights, pints of beer sold) to give our readers understandable trends and contexts.

Sports economy does not tend to follow other business models. The governing bodies distribute financial surpluses back into developing the game; benefactor club chairmen invest their own money knowing that profiting from their investment is an unlikely scenario. People working within rugby or supplying the industry – and not least interested fans who have invested more than the price of a ticket into clubs – are well-served by our coverage of the numbers away from the glare of the floodlights.

Economies of scale
We believe strongly that covering best practise and case studies at the elite end of the sport of rugby can benefit junior clubs, schools and colleges at the grassroots. Clubs taking a realistic business-like approach over the long-term will thrive. Managing the finances is the life-blood of an organisation of any size and we hope that our content in this section makes a contribution at every level of the game.

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Increased Player Costs Belie Gloucester's Growth

4 April 2018

Gloucester Rugby's turnover increased by 7% from £15.3m to £16.3m during the year up to the end of June 2017, with the prior year figures also including Rugby World Cup hosting income. Visitor numbe...

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Johann Rupert Withdraws From Saracens After 10 Years

3 April 2018

Saracens lost more than their Champions Cup title in Dublin last weekend. They also lost their benefactor Johann Rupert. The South African billionaire’s company, Remgro announced its intention to se...

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RWC2019 Represents £1.5 Billion Boost

26 March 2018

An economic impact study has revealed that Rugby World Cup 2019 in Japan is set to deliver nearly ¥216.6 billion (£1.5 billion) of additive value into the Japanese economy. The study, which was unde...

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Saracens Outsource Commercial Activity

20 March 2018

Saracens have re-structured their business announcing a joint venture with Premier Team Promotions Ltd, who will take on all commercial aspects of the club. Saracen’s chairman Nigel Wray is a direct...

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Koukash Declares Interest In Cumbria

19 March 2018

Former Salford Red Devils chairman, Dr Marwan Koukash is looking into the idea of a new rugby league team in Cumbria according to many reports. Cumbria has three existing professional or semi-professi...

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€6m Grand Slam Pay Day Looms For IRFU

13 March 2018

Grand Slam success would mean a big payday for the IRFU and Ireland's Six Nations champions says the Irish Independent. Joe Schmidt's side secured the trophy a week before the end of the tournament th...

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